Montessori Positive Parenting courses

Are you looking to learn tips & ideas to help you parent & discipline positively?

The 5 day crash course, PATH TO POSITIVE PARENTING & DISCIPLINE is just what you need!

The 5 day course will provide you opportunities to learn tips from a Montessori professional and parent educator. Each day there will be a different parenting topic, and you will gain access to the private Facebook group as well, where you will meet other parents like you who are interested in positive parenting & disciplining!

Here is what you'll learn & Discuss:

  • DAY 1: Establishing & setting expectations-the importance of establishing what you expect from your child
  • DAY 2: Setting realistic boundaries-the need for setting up groud rules & boundaries
  • DAY 3: Fostering independence-allowing your child to grow independently is key to their growth & development
  • DAY 4: Self discipline & respect-teaching children the importance of respect for themselves & others
  • Day 5: Following through-the follow through is one of the most important aspects of parenting

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